You have found our secrets….

Here you will see another face of BONIKO, experimental ranges created by the designer.

Expanding the concept of sustainable and ethical design practice, most of pieces are one offs, using recycled clothing and materials combined with natural fibres.

Blurring the boundary between arts and fashion, the range questions the commercialism and disposable fashion trends.

BONIKO… free your imagination


Collection Name : Anti Fashion
Year : 2009

“Anti Fashion” range was created to counter mass-produced commercial fashion.
I wanted to experiment another way to design garments with considerations to environment and to challenge the “recycled design practice” going around the current commercial fashion field. Disregarding the disposable fashion trends, and with a Japanese approach of “Kaizen” ( spot the potential and make it better), these one-off pieces were created with disassembled old clothes and natural fibres.


 Boniko Alter ego Skirt 1: Alter Ego Skirt
Material : Organic Cotton Jersey / Woollen pleated skirt
Unit # made : 1
 Boniko Belly Top 2:Belly Top
Material : Cotton / Recycled 70’s Dresses / Cotton Silk
unit # made : 1
  3:Frill Bloomer
Material : Cotton / Microfibre
unit # made : 2
  4:Remade Punk Belt
Material : Vintage kilt skirt / 80’s belt / Cotton herringbone tape
unit # made : 1
  5:Shirt Dress
Material : Cotton Jersey / Old cotton shirt
Unit # made : 1
 Boniko Sleeve top 6:Sleeve Top
Material : Cotton Jersey / Recycled 70’s Dress
unit # made : 1
  7:Anti Vogue Shirt:
Material : 80’s oversized shirt / wool felt / microfibre / Odd buttons
unit # made : 1

Collection Name : Mimic
Year : 2010

Inspired by the natures and animals I love, this mini collection was put together to explore childhood memory,
When we used to dress up and be something else.Carrying through the use of recycled material and natural fibres from the previous range, I had so much fun creating the looks. Most of the pieces were one-offs and sold successfully at Finders Keepers Market Sydney, AW 2009.

 Boniko Asymetrical bat top Asymmetric Bat Top
Material : Organic Cotton Jersey
Unit # made : 1
Inspiration : A Bat and his confusion… Bird or not?!
 Cocoon dress front Cocoon Dress and Top
Material : Silk cotton Voile
unit # made : 1 ( Black x1, White x 1 )
Inspiration: Cocoon and metamorphosis)
 Take all pocket pant Take All Pocket Pant:
Material : Cotton Metal
unit # made : 2
Inspiration : Wouldn’t be nice to carry all you want like a hamster?!
 Boniko King Ebi King Ebi Dress
Material : Vintage re-make / wool felt
unit # made : 1
Inspiration : I found an old dress with louched bodice and saw a lobster head… mmm… don’t ask me why!
 Boniko Ugly duckling top mother goose pant Mother Goose Pants
Material : Cotton Jersey / Bamboo Jersey
Unit # made : 1
Inspiration : Wouldn’t be cute to have your own tail to shake?!Ugly Duckling Top
Material : Vintage dress remake
unit # made : 1
Inspiration : This dress I found was ugly to start off but had a potential, went perfectly with the Goose pants!